How Wi-Fi cams work: A basic guide.

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    General Information

    The general way IP cameras work is that they get connected to your router via ethernet. You connect to them using some kind of software on your computer or your smartphone (this varies a lot between models). Once you're connected to the camera, you can tell it which wireless network to join to and what the password is. Then, after that setting is saved, you can disconnect the camera from the router by unplugging the ethernet cord.

    When connecting your smartphone to your camera, make sure that the wifi on your phone is on, and that it's connected to your home wireless network. Once you connect to the camera from inside your network using the camera's recommended app, then the app and the camera is "paired." You should be able to connect to the camera from outside of your home network (for example, from your workplace, or while on vacation) from your phone without issues.

    Some internet service providers limit your ability to access your home network remotely. This means that they block incoming connections to your camera over standard ports. Some companies also rent you their modem/router combination units, and they do not allow you to change the settings for your network. This can pose a problem for your planned use. Please be aware that this is an issue with your internet service provider's rental hardware and policies.

    If you have purchased your own router and you're experiencing issues, it may be due to the firewall's settings. For optimal use, you can assign a static IP to the camera and set up port forwarding in your router.
  2. MBI

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    I am setting up the Aetos 1080 for the first time and it does configuring wifi....then says check password and try again. I know the password is right and I have tried 10 times. Any suggestions??
  3. anthony weese

    anthony weese New Member

    I'm having the same problems can someone help us
  4. MBI

    MBI New Member

    I was able to fix the issue with help of tech support. I will see if I can copy the info and post it here.
  5. anthony weese

    anthony weese New Member

  6. anthony weese

    anthony weese New Member

    I have not got it yet
  7. MBI

    MBI New Member

    The download I had expired, but it was sent to me from Michael, Director of Tech Support at Aishine Electronics. His email is
    and web address is He was very helpful.
    They emailed me a new manual that explained the set up process better and solved the issue.
    Hope that helps.
  8. anthony weese

    anthony weese New Member

    that didnt help me out i can get in his web site i didnt get no new manual
  9. mireille

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    i cant connect my 1080p weather station camera to my wifi. it keeps telling me to check my wifi password eventhough i know i am entering the correct password. please help.
  10. Clarebear333

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    I tried setting up the Aetos 400W 720P Wifi Hidden Camera, and the default password doesn't work. Since I bought it for a specific time period while I'm on vacation, and it's not working, I am returning it. I had my computer guy try, and I've already spent too much time on trying to get it to work. Whoever said the directions were clear is seriously mistaken. Even the revised user manual is not helpful. I'm very disappointed.

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