GPS Trackers: Real-time vs Loggers

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    When taking a look at GPS trackers there are two main types of trackers, the real-time tracker and the logger. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the given situation.

    Real-time GPS trackers are the top of the line. They allow you to monitor the location of the device at any time, on any platform. Typically it is done via a subscription based service. You then can log into the service via a PC, cellphone or tablet and view the location and other vital info about the tracker. The main drawback to a real-time device is the battery life, as it tends to be a bit less when compared to the logging devices.

    Loggers are an alternative to the real-time platform. When using a logger you cannot access the information they collect while they are doing the tracking. As the name implies, they log the data, allowing you to view it after you have retrieved the device from the vehicle or whatever you may have been tracking. They will typically track for 10-30 days, then they must be retrieved and connected to a PC in order to view the files.
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