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    Sweeping for bugs can seem like a very tough process, here is a quick guide to help get started.

    1. Turn off most of you big electronics. The big one is the cellphone. It needs to be turned all the way off, otherwise it may interfere with the bug sweepers ability to detect signals.

    2. Zero out the Bug Detector. The way I like to do this is turn the sensitivity on the device all the way up. Then turn it back down just to the point where the indicator bar goes off.

    3. Start a general walk-through sweep. Move slowly and keep the device level.

    4. If you get a signal hit, pinpoint the direction it is coming from. Then we want to turn the sensitivity on the device down, while moving in the direction of the signal. By doing this it will get you closer and closer to the device.

    5. Eventually it will take you as close as possible to the target object. If it is an electronic device giving you a signal, unplug the device and see if the signal remains.

    This is just a basic guide to get you going!

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